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Rocky Mountain Pack is led by a single Alphess: Eclipse

Her word is law, and if not followed to the letter, will be punished.

There is pack of wolves that stands upon the hilltop. Their numbers soar, uncountable. They rule as one large mass, their minds one. Strong legs support their lithe bodies. At their head, stands a lone wolf. Her slender form is deadly, and she has the face of a demon. She is Eclipse, and she is dangerous. If you're her friend, you're her friend forever. If you're her enemy, God help you. Her shining silver fur gleams in the moonlight. She is small, but her strong muscles and agile body allow her to kill with ease.


Eclipse feels that some wolves need to work on their wolf behaviors. The following link should be followed exactly.

I ask that all members read the following page. Follow the link. These are behavioural signals for a wolf.
Please. There is a section of the article that is about mating. I hope you are mature enough to handle it. If not, get out. We don't accept immature wolves here.

As you know if you've followed the link, Eclipse needs an Alpha or she risks being overthrown. Challengers will fight her one-on-one. They have to kill her. She has to beat them to a pulp. She will. She is choosing wisely. If you plan on Alpha, I'd make sure you are trusted by EVERY member of the pack. Eclipse refuses to accept another bad Alpha.


Behind this wolf stands one of the greatest packs you will ever see. These wolves are the best of the best. If you're a loner, you'll be welcomed. If you're our friend, you're our friend forever. If you're our enemy, God help you.
Are you worthy?

We are not a band of killers, but we are not afraid to kill. If a threat dares enter our home and terrorize anyone, be ready for the consequences. We will track you far and wide, through snow and ice, rain and sleet, sun and cloud, summer and winter to find you.

Rocky Mountain  Pack Home - Rocky Mountain Pack

We are now recruiting males, specifically Hunters and Scouts. If you know of a male that would like to join, please! Tell Eclipse and have her evaluate him.

No wolf will be allowed in unannounced, and if starts a fight, we will bann you from the site, and if needed, kill you.

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